The Greater Aurora Area, CO


Substance Abuse Treatment in Aurora, CO

See if you can get the Aurora, CO, substance abuse treatment you need by working with the experienced team at A Helping Hand. We offer a relaxing environment that we believe is conducive to healing. We pay close attention to detail because we want to find the underlying problems and help you address them. We offer customized therapy options for everything from drugs and alcohol to the non-medicinal use of prescription drugs.

We have a range of treatment options because we believe in treating every client like an individual. Our flexible hours make it easy to schedule service and take the next step. We want to help you improve your health, so we offer you the benefit of:

  • Personal attention
  • Our focus on client satisfaction and healing
  • A friendly and caring staff

Don’t try to handle your Aurora, CO, substance abuse treatment alone. Let our staff assist you now and in the coming weeks or months to see if you can be successful. A Helping Hand is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, and Saturday – Sunday, by appointment, so call us today.